To Lose Weight, Lose the Unhealthy Fats and Carbohydrates

weight can be a very difficult thing for many people. Those who find a way to shed those extra pounds are envied by the rest of us. Please know your secret to losing weight. We secretly wish we had their willpower and wonder what dangerous supplements they may be taking. The truth is that most of us lose weight with very small and simple changes to our diet and exercise plan. One of those simple changes you can make to lose weight: lose empty calories.

What exactly are empty calories? Simply put, empty calories are those that do not provide any nutritional value. Certain foods, such as those made primarily from white flour, sugar, or oil, can be considered empty calories. It does not mean that they do not have calories, but that the energy you receive from the calories you are consuming is not optimal. In other words, those calories are not good for your body.

Another way to think about it is to consider what your food will provide you with before you eat anything. If you’re at home looking for a snack, you can find chips, crackers, dried fruit, fresh grapes, yogurt, and cheese. Chips and crackers (and popcorn, too) may be low in calories or fat, but what do they provide your body?

There are not enough vitamins, minerals, or protein in carbohydrates like these. Dried fruit may seem like a great option, but it only takes a couple of bites to equal the over the counter phentermine calories of fresh fruit, so it’s much less filling than a large bowl of grapes. Fresh fruit, yogurt, or low-fat cheese would make a great snack. Calories provide you with vitamin C, calcium, and protein.

Another item that is considered a major barrier to weight loss is liquid calories. These are also empty calories. Sodas, coffee, tea, and mixed drinks rarely provide any nutrition. They also channel through your stomach and don’t keep you full. If you want to lose weight, first lose empty and liquid calories. It’s a small step you can take that will have a big impact.

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