Text Games – Why Play a Textual RPG Game?

Unlike many games found on the web, text games have experienced longevity based on the fact that the imagination carries a player into unknown lands. Textual RPG games have grown from the tabletop version games such as Dungeons and Dragons. Yet, they differ from the table top versions because the game continues to evolve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the aid of players, programmers, and story tellers who make the games come to life. Plus, a player enters the story and becomes a part of a continuing saga that is always exciting – be it on the personal level or as part of a world wild event.

While many readers may be quick to dismiss the idea of a written game because honestly, “Who wants to read??” it only needs to be pointed out that many readers of this article are in constant use of written language to communicate. We text one another, use chat clients, and other social networking programs. The online text game is a predecessor and extension of ‘chatting’. Like many of those social networking programs and chat clients, those who venture into RPG online games would be surprised to find that they slot online are free to play as well. The key here is not to look at textual RPG games as a ‘reading’ game, but as an online social network that exists in a fantasy land. Inside the game you can go from being yourself to taking on the persona of a great hero or heroine. What is important to mention is that while the player may have to read the text, he or she discovers that the textual RPG game has an element that graphical games do not, and that is the element of imagination. Since there are no graphics, a player begins to see other players and to experience the world in his or her mind.

While high end graphical games have had considerable success since gaming has evolved, the one complaint that many have is the cost of the game and questioning if it is worth it. But in our current economic downtrend, many readers would be surprised to discover that online text games are free to play. If the player chooses, he or she can spend money for extras in game, but it is never truly necessary. The games have been created to help you advance and to gain gold, experience, and gear through series of events. What’s even more remarkable is that some games, but not all, offer players the chance to create beyond playing a character. Let’s say a player like to program, to build or to code. There are chances that many RPG games offer you the gain extra amour and items by donating a few hours time. If a user likes to draw, write stories, or create works of art, there are contests that many RPG online text games hold where one can win in game credits too. And, no money is ever spent. The gain is in the hands of the player if he or she chooses.