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Before you finally decide to sign up for a DVD rental service, there are six features you should carefully consider.

#1… The first is how many options you have in your video stock available to rent and how many are there in the types of videos you would rent. The largest rental sites have an available stock of 35,000 to 60,500 DVDs for rent.

It looks like you could rent new videos until the next Ice Age, but those numbers are misleading. Most of the time, that count includes how many individual DVDs they have, with multiple copies included in that total. They are counting physical copies, not titles. But, on the plus side, the more copies, the less waiting time to get your new shipment of popular titles.

#2… Does the site have an internal search engine available so you can browse their catalog? Otherwise, you can consider how much time you’ll spend searching for the titles you want.

#3… The number of titles you can rent at any one time is an important criteria to consider when balancing that number against the cost of the subscription. You will find variations in all rental services. Please review them carefully. Determine how many DVDs you’re likely to have time to watch each month and compare that number to how many you can rent at one time. Once you have that comparison, see if the subscription cost seems reasonable or not.

#4… One part of the service that might be important to you is the speed of response when you return DVDs you’ve watched. If you want to have movie nights on the weekends and the response time is slow, your weekend will be less than you wanted. Run a few tests during trial periods so you don’t get hooked on a slow service and have trouble getting out of it.

#5… During your trial period, closely inspect the videos that are sent to you. Are they scratched? Are they mailed in media that protects them while they get to you? Are they full of fingerprints and other undefined sticky bits? Return them immediately and cancel your service before it costs you anything.

#6… When you’re done with the above considerations,안전사이트  the last decision you need to make before signing up is whether the quality of their customer service addresses your issues or questions. Do they quickly offer reasonable solutions that satisfy you? You can check the forums on the site, if they have one, or you can find reviews of their service with a Google search.

When all these points are covered to your satisfaction, you will have good value for your money. Isn’t that what you wanted in the first place?

Dan Thompson is a customer of the online DVD rental site Love Film []. Dan has written an unbiased review of the service and provides scores out of 5 for price, features, available titles, and more. You can read his review of LoveFilm here: